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1. What to do after carefully reading the booking and the confirmation?
The Booking Confirmation will include all of the requests and information that our Guests have provided to us, including any information that the Guests should take into account. In addition to paying the deposit, only extra services (early arrival, "VIP" parking, food allergies or intolerances, etc.) need to be confirmed as soon as possible in order to make the necessary arrangements.

2. Where and how to park?
There is a free parking area directly in front of the entrance of the Guest House. Our courtyard parking is available for a limited number of Guests who request it at the time of booking.

3. What are the latest and earliest check-in times on the day of arrival?
Our Guests receive a gate code in advance via SMS, which allows them to enter the Guest House at any time, so there is no "latest" time limit for arrival.
The functions of the codes vary, some codes allow you to drive in, others do not... based on advance parking reservations.
As a rule, rooms can be occupied from 3:00 p.m., but early arrival is also possible, by prior arrangement, rooms are available our Guests at 12:00 p.m. at the earliest.

4. What to do to occupy my room as quickly as possible?
No registration or filling in any forms is required upon arrival, just pick up the key and get to the room.

5. Where can I put my bicycle and should I take any precautions?
Bicycles can be stored in a designated area of the Guest House's enclosed courtyard. In this camera-monitored area, everyone can keep their bicycle safe and secure or even lock it with their own bicycle lock. Our services do not include providing a bicycle lock.

6. What is the standard room equipment and what can be added on request?
Each room is furnished with a TV, a minibar, a Nespresso coffee machine, towels, hangers, a safe, shower gel, toiletries, a sewing kit, shoe shine... and everything you would expect in a 4-star accommodation. On request, we can provide a shaving kit, toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, extra bath towels, a baby cot, a baby bath tub, a step stool, a small toilet seat attachment, and facilities for heating baby food.
It is IMPORTANT to know that there is no microwave oven in the Guest House!

7. What to expect and if I arrive with a pet?
As a pet-friendly establishment, we aim to make your stay with us hassle-free with facilities that will keep your pets comfortable. This includes an extra blanket (in addition to the bedspread), a water bowl, a standard size disinfected sleeping area and a box for cat litter and silica cat litter.

We respectfully ask owners NOT to bring their pets into the indoor breakfast room, for the peace and quiet of other Guests! In nice weather, the terrace is a great place to have breakfast for our pets.

8. If I have any questions or specific requests, who and when can I contact?
The owner and manager of thé Guest House, Anna Iván, is at your disposal by phone every day between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Guests can also ask questions and make requests to Anna in person every day from 7:00 a.m. until the end of the breakfast.

9. What am I supposed to do when I leave and how can I give feedback on my experience?
Under current legislation, all adult Guests are required to pay a tourist tax in cash on departure, in addition to the accommodation fee. Once the keys have been returned, there is nothing more to do. Any feedback is warmly welcomed and appreciated, and can be shared in person or on Google's and Facebook's review platforms. Just a few days after leaving, all our Guests will receive an e-mail where we ask for a feedback on their satisfaction.

We warmly recommend our hospitality and the experience of the Fertő region to all our former and future Guests!


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